What are the dates of the next 8-Week Challenge?

Our next 8-Week Challenge will start January 2021, you can register your interest here and we will be in touch.

I can’t commit to the dates of this challenge, can I do it on other dates?

We will be looking at hosting another 8-Week Challenge early next year. If these dates don’t suit you, get in contact with us to register your interest in the next one and we will let you know as soon as another challenge is scheduled.

What if I can’t commit to 5 classes a week?

That’s ok, if you can only commit to 3 or 4 then you can do other forms of exercise outside the gym – walking/running, cycling, swimming, social sport, yoga are all great ways to compliment your progress – we just want you to be moving!

I have dietary requirements/allergies, can I still participate?

Of course, we will capture that information in our registration process and The Chief Life will ensure your personal meal plan takes all of that into consideration.

I haven’t exercised in a very long time – will I be ok?

We can’t guarantee you won’t be sore, but that is normal! All our workouts can be scaled right down and our coaches are very experienced in allocating you movements you will feel comfortable completing while still challenging yourself and your body.
If you have any health concerns, consult your doctor first before starting

I have injuries and cannot do certain movements, will this affect my results?

All our coaches are experienced in modifying workouts around injuries, if you can’t do a movement on the board then we will modify your workout slightly to compensate for that. Believe us – you will still be sweating and this won’t affect your overall results.

Can I bring kids to my classes?

Of course – we love kids at the gym and believe that all children should see their parents moving! We have an unsupervised playroom here with toys and a TV, and although we don’t allow children on the box floor for their safety, we do have room to park prams so Mums and bubs won’t lose sight of each other.

Can I have my payments come out on my payday?

We will do our best to accommodate payment date requests, as long as they are debited on a weekly basis or within a week of the 3 x payment dates.

Can I continue to train at the gym at the end of the 8-Week Challenge?

Most definitely! We would love you to stay on at the gym and we have 4 levels of membership available come the end of the challenge.

Can I do more than one class a day?

We only allow our members to complete one class a day, however we do invite you to attend open gym where you can practice movements or get some cardio in. All our open gym sessions always have a coach available on the floor.

If you wish to do something outside the gym we recommend walking, cycling and swimming etc and encourage you to keep up your social sport commitments throughout the challenge.


How does the ‘Ultimate Challenger’ get decided?

Many things will be taken into consideration when awarding the ‘Ultimate Challenger’ crown – body composition scan results, lifestyle changes, adherence to the nutritional plan, accountability using the diary, and overall improvement in training.