Our next 8-Week Challenge will start January 2021, you can register your interest here and find some information on how our challenges work below.



Congratulations on taking the first step towards a better you! If you come on board, we’re 100% committed to helping you on this journey.

Our 8-Week Challenge is more than just a transformation challenge – it’s a personal challenge, it’s a lifestyle challenge. Not only is it designed to get you into shape and feeling great for Summer, but we will also give you the tools to continue this journey towards a healthier and better you, above and beyond these 8 weeks.

There are no fad diets, no excessive exercising and no unrealistic goals – through our support and guidance, clean eating and our proven training methods we’re here to help you achieve the results you desire within yourself now and into the future.

How will we achieve this? By using a point method that is calculated daily, across three core components:

Meal Plan – This will be the backbone to our 8-Week Challenge and it involves sticking to your personalised plan from The Chief Life.

  • 4 Points: Full compliance to the meal plan
  • 2 Points: Small slip up – items not found on the plan such as sauces, a sugary drink etc.
  • 1 Point: One full meal that is not on your meal plan
  • 0 Point: Anything more than the above

Exercise – Being consistent with training is very important and we try to aim for at least 5 sessions a week, this will include things like a walk on your off days at the gym. We put a lot of time into our programming to achieve maximum results but that’s only achieved by being consistent. And sometimes even following a poorly designed plan with consistency, will still get results. (3 points if you achieve this)

Lifestyle – This relates to sleep and mobility. With sleep, we want to aim for at least 7-8 hours each night, a good night’s sleep aids in better recovery, increased energy levels, better focus and better training performances. Mobility needs to be a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, don’t wait for problems to arise before you address them. Mobility can prevent injury, speed recovery and improve performances. Try and aim for at least 10mins a day. (3 points if you achieve this)



Our 8-Week Challenge participants have the choice of 3 payment options

  • 1 x $749 payment – One payment made upfront to secure your spot
  • 3 x $265 payments – Three equal installments due every 2 weeks
  • 8 x $105 payments – Weekly installments commencement of the challenge

Payment can be made via EFT or you can pay via EFTPOS while down at the box. If you have selected a payment plan, we require you to pay your first payment installment upfront to secure your spot. You will be given a debit form on induction day to set up your direct debit payment for the remaining payments.

Name: Chaalk Box
Bsb: 064 172
Acc: 1082 0174
Ref: Challenge <insert your name>


8-Week Challenge Inclusions

Our challenge has been capped at 40 participants to ensure we provide all participants with a high level of guidance and support.

As an 8-Week Challenge Participant you will receive:

  • Full access to all programs along with Open gym and the Gym Zone
  • Personalised ‘The Chief Life’ meal plan and shopping list
  • 2 x InBody Composition Scans (before and after)
  • Before and after shots, including your own black and white movement photograph
  • Goodie bag with lifestyle diary, challenge merchandise and freebies
  • Nutritional Seminar
  • Weekly support from all Coaches and always available for questions during the Challenge
  • Subscription to online fitness tracking software – Beyond the Whiteboard
  • Online support through a private Facebook group